Elephant Dub – Mark Pritchard

When I look at / hear the words Elephant Dub it calls forth the idea of a huge, heavy, slow moving behemoth capable of destroying all in its path with its gargantuan momentum. Fortunately, to some degree this track lives up to those expectations.

A low key opening brings it a steady beat followed by a steadily building bass rumble – clearly stating the intent of the tune. This becomes an undulating sub-bass/bass line accompanied by fluctuating percussion and percussive sound effects. This continually builds, but not in a claustrophobic way, rather staying open and inviting the listener to move forward with it. Driving (t)onwards until the pulsing beat is lost and a bass-heavy, ambient break appears enabling a variation on the rhythm to come in before the huge pulsing bass makes a welcome return. The bass then continues to build up from where it had left off towards the end of the track when the bass drops out, probably top enable something else to be mixed in.

I originally purchased this track solely because it was released on Mala’s Deep Medi Musik label, which I am a bit of a fan boy for. However, I also recognized the name Mark Pritchard, who together with, possibly the more well known, Tom Middleton made up Global Communications. Their ambient release 76.14 is definitely worth a listen and has rightfully made its way onto several best of charts, including one in the Guardian.


What next after this month?

My aim of finishing my current projects this month will hopefully enable me to start a new larger project, as I mentioned in my previous post. This project will be larger and longer and not at all focused. My initial idea was to create a zine as this will allow me to do anything. However, this freedom is the death of creativity for me – when I can do anything I often find that I do nothing.

I have therefore decided upon some limits. These limits/ideas are:

  • I shall produce the zine over 100 days (#100daysproject y’all)
  • The zine will be produced upon blank postcards
  • The pages will be made using painting, drawing, collage and lino-printing
  • I may also write something for it, maybe a 200 word RPG, a very, very short story or some random instructions (I have yet to decide upon this)
  • I have been making some electronic tunes and would like to include 10 tracks with the zine, these are unlikely to be the most awesome hits
  • I would like to include some small item made by me
  • I shall also choose some photos taken as part of my photos of rubbish instagram project to add to the zine

I shall post each of the things I make on this blog and eventually work out how to package the postcards, etc., together

Whats happening with my creating now?

I looked at when I had last blogged on either of my blogs and I found to my surprise that I was last active in 2015. During this time I have been continuing to create things in the free time I can claw together. For a while at the start of the year this free time seemed harder to come by and I stopped making tings for a while.

However, during this time I found myself missing the time spent making things and I decided that during the month of April I would attempt to restart and finish as many of my ongoing projects as I could. The primary aim was to finish crocheting a simple (but long) scarf, a stuffed elephant I have also been crocheting (I put it aside because the legs were tricky) and a patchwork hanging (the hand stitched applique was slow going). These projects are ones that require patience and effort, rather than a couple of brief evenings of fun art. I shall try to post some pictures when these are completed.

This bid to do more craft has also left me thinking about what to do next. I have read a couple of good books on art (Daniella Krysa’s excellent Your Inner Critic Is a Big Jerk: And Other Truths About Being Creative and Austin Kleon’s Steal Like an Artist and Show Your Work), in fact I have read Austin Kleon’s books multiple times each, and all three of these recommend sharing your work as a way to develop it. I shall therefore be trying to share more of my work and maybe discussing it (I don’t know how I would do that). In addition, I am thinking of starting a longer project (not just a month) focused on my obsession with art zines. I shall try to put together a zine over 100 days and shall discuss this a bit more in the next post.

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