Update on my latest project

Since my last post I have been working on a shawl. It is fairly simple in design and the repetitiveness of the stitching makes it quite meditative. However, my stitching is tighter than the pattern says so I am having to expand it to get a suitable size. The work in progress is shown below. 

I got a bit bored and so made a couple of quick projects from the book Crocheted Accessories by Vanessa Moonzie. I like the way the patterns are written but my finishing is not that fine. The two projects are a bird brooch and a battenburg cake cushion for a mouse.

I apologise for the poor quality photos. I used flash and they don’t look that good.


Further misshapen crochet

Ever since I saw arm knitting I have been obsessed with giant yarn and finally got some which was discounted. I also got a 50 mm crochet hook and filled with  excitement I made a very large test piece. It is all double crochet as I kept being distracted and Moss stitch wasn’t working out. The edges are wobbly however it is lovely and warm as a lap blanket so I am counting it as a semi-success.

Lined, crocheted bag

This project took a while but was started and completed this month. It is included in the month of finishing because once again I had everything I needed but had not started. I really liked how it turned out and it is better than I had expected. The only failing was that the sticking on the handles is a bit iffy.

So what did I learn. Once again the same thing, you have to start projects and not put them off based on baseless worries.

Two baskets made

I made a basket last week and had enough remaining yarn to make another. So while sitting with a sleepy toddler I made a second. I am counting the baskets as finishing as I had purchased yarn to make them but then did nothing. Now I have to work out what to do with them.

A small task done

This was not something to finish but something that needed a bit of work to fix. The French knots kept falling off and so it looked a bit bare. Sprinkles are now back on it and it looks good.

Third project finished – a crocheted elephant 

This is the project that had been hanging round the longest. I had stopped halfway through making the first leg and lost momentum. The finished elephant is a bit “informal” and I don’t trust my sewing to hold it together but a definite success. I think I shall probably make more soft toys.

Second project done – simple cushion 

I both started and finished a project that had been hanging around for about a month and a half, a cushion cover. 

I had heard how easy cushion covers were to make but hadn’t really believed it. I managed to finish it in under 2 hours so have no idea why I had spent so long not making  it. I made the button holes too small for the buttons I had bought so gad to use some I had in my button box. Also the corners could be crisper and one button hole has slightly odd stitching. However it looks okay and is now happily ensconced on my couch. 

What did I learn? 

Sometimes you should just start. 

One project finished 

20170412_215335Last night I managed to finish a project,  the first completion for finishing month. Just an elephant, a bag and a hanging to go. It felt great to finish something and although I dropped some stitches and then picked them back up it looks okay. Not great but definitely something.

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